12 simple foil packet dinners you can bake in the oven


Because meals just taste better when they clean up after themselves.

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The chicken is pounded thin and filled with mozzarella + tomato + basil + balsamic. Recipe here.


This one does require some stovetop prep first — you’ll quickly sauté the garlic in butter and white wine — but the extra step is worth it. Recipe here.

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Cubing the chicken first ensures that everything will cook quickly and evenly, and using your favorite store-bought barbecue sauce means that prep is a breeze. Recipe here.


Step one: Roast up some spiced potatoes. Step two: Crack an egg over ‘em. Step three: Devour. Recipe here.


Using store-bought Italian dressing makes this super easy to assemble — but you could also DIY your own Italian seasoning using spices you likely already have in your kitchen. Recipe here.

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This version fires things up on the grill to get those char marks — but this can be made in an oven, too. Recipe here.


Moment of silence for all that the slow cooker has given us. Recipe here.


These are freezer-friendly, so feel free to double (or triple!) the recipe and stockpile some for later. Recipe here.

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Purists may say that these only count as dinner when they’re made over a campfire, not in an oven. To them I say: MORE FOR ME THEN. Recipe here.

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Because sometimes, all you really need in this life are meat and potatoes. (And maaaybe some lemon and herbs to make things ~pretty~.) Recipe here.


Serve this piled high into a hoagie. Recipe here.

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Super simple: Just salmon + potato + citrus + herbs to garnish. Recipe here.

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