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Amazon Just Launched a Garden Shop That Delivers Live Plants to Your Doorstep

And, yes, it’s all available on Prime.

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth that has redefined convenience, given us drone-based delivery service, and trained us all to expect two-day shipping, has been hard at work this year expanding into new territory. Their latest coup is an online garden center, Amazon Plants Store, which delivers live plants right to your doorstep.

Previously, you could purchase live plants through other vendors on Amazon, but now the process is totally streamlined, with plant species divided by hardiness, and vast selections of houseplants and outdoor plants, bulbs and seeds, and garden accessories. Naturally, it’s all available on Prime.

This time of year, most gardeners are shutting their flowerbeds down for the winter, but the Amazon shop has plenty of potted plants perfect for that sunny windowsill. Here are our top picks.

$25.13, Delray Plants

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$30.56, Color Orchids

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$23.99, Shop Succulents

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29.97, Delray Plants

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$39.99, Shop Succulents

$96.49, Brussel’s Bonsai

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$15.07, Delray Plants

$79, Brussel’s Bonsai

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From: ELLE Decor US