Architecture decor

Arena Aix / Christophe Gulizzi Architecte + Auer Weber architecture

© Lisa Ricotti

© Lisa Ricotti

© Lisa Ricotti

© Lisa Ricotti

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From the architect. The Arena of Aix en Provence carries its own identity, represents a new gateway for the city, a powerful signal.
It instates plainly in this wide territory, providing and following a hill shape project.
It brings to light the site, offers its very essence. 

Sport has turned now into primary events and meaningful shows.
The symbol of a building intented to provide such events has to personify this concept. An Arena is a contemporary theater, a link between sport and culture.
In a delightful and emotional architecture spirit.

In that respect, the idea of a classic facade has desappeared, to reveal a stratification of superimposed and dynamics rings.

This protective covering represents an alegory of mouvement and energy.
A praise of virtuosity, a conquest of the balance, searching for the perfect gestual.

This protective shell, made off aluminium strips, reflects the surrounded landscape, according to the mood of time.

It merges into its surroundings, gently imposes its geometry and its status of Public Building, wide opened on an esplanade, a true public place.

Visible and with a marked identity, this is a real identification subject, an icon.
In the heart of a territorial arrangement, this functional, adaptable and scalable shell, will contribute, by its iconographic merit, to the radiances of Metropole Aix Marseille.