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Grow with the Forest Valley Villas / Origin Architect architecture

© Xia Zhi

© Xia Zhi

© Xia Zhi

© Xia Zhi

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Text description provided by the architects. In their eternal calm (from the sky and the woods), he finds himself. -Emerson

The project is located in Erdaobai River Town, at the foot of the tallest mountain range in eastern Eurasia-Changbai Mountain. It is not only the gateway to the northern slope of Changbai Mountain, but also the frontier where urban development confronts nature.The site itself is revealing typicalcondition of borderline in urban expansion,that a clearline divides the site into two halves, reflecting the confrontation between nature and cities. One side is a virgin forest river valley. On the other side, there is a huge scar from urban development—abandoned folk amusement park that has already shut down. There, The land lies desolate, piled with construction waste.

Origin Architect seeks to explore the method to achieve symbiotic harmony between nature and human activities, and possibilities for border between nature and cities.

Growing Forest
In awe of nature, after reflecting on the common practice in urban construction in Erdaobai River Town,  Origin Architect proposed a reverse goal at first:  to restore the urban construction landto natural forest.

The design team probed into the site and did meticulous survey and investigation on the entire river valley forest eco system, We also mapped and measured each primeval tree and exposed stone respectively. Moreover, we proceeded ecological restoration to areas where construction of the amusement park had damaged. We removed construction waste, restored landforms and rainwater channels according to the vein, dredged choked rivers and cultivated vegetation to encourage ecological redevelopment of this area, so that the separated waste land could be embraced by nature again, and the vast primeval river valley forest could break down the barriers caused by urban development and extend citywards.

Grow in the Forest
Buildings are like collectors on the slopes, taking in light and view. Despite partial contact with the land, each building softly floats above the surface of earth or rivers, minimizing their interference with the land. The buildings do not have predetermined shapes. They just carefully avoid every primeval tree and grow freely towards the sun and landscapes. Living rooms face the mountains; dining rooms stand out in forests; bedrooms overlook the creeks. Every stick-out window is a tranquil corner for man to feel nature by himself. Unobstructed interior design forms a channel that turns everyday life into shuttling between landscapes in different directions. When you look around, you can see the forest, river, mountain and sunshine interweaving in front of you. Landscapes change and seasons pass before you realize them.

It is said that the stretch of forest around the upper reaches of the rapid river is a breeding ground for Chinese mergansers, a rare species survived the Tertiary Period ice age.Spaces under the buildings are free for passing through of light, wind and rainwater. Plants grow luxuriantly. Small wild animals move and migrate freely. Chinese mergansers also have a paradise for reproduction as they have more shelter.