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House I by Asai Architects | Please RT architecture interiordesign

This futuristic two-storey residence designed in 2013 by Asai Architects is located in a residential area in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

This house is located in a residential area in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. The area is called “Isshu teiso jukyo chiiki” which literally translates to “category one low-rise exclusive residential districts” that have mostly two-story or three-story houses. The owner of this house is a couple with two children and requested that the inner spaces of the house not be perfectly exposed but also not closed to the surrounding area.

Two volumes were placed parallel at an angle with the site’s major direction, with sky lighting between them to create an inner space that has both exposure and closure.
This space is covered with wooden louvers and also serves as a deck terrace, making it an ideal play area for children.

Trees were placed in six external triangular spaces in the gap of the neighboring land to maintain the openness of the internal space, and greens were planted in every corner of the site to reduce the feeling of pressure on the surrounding area.

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