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Rachel Whiteread brings American Suburbia to London

A major new public art work by Rachel Whiteread modelled on a suburban US house will be unveiled next week at the new US Embassy in Nine Elms, south London. The wall sculpture, titled US Embassy (Flat pack house; 2013-1015), will greet embassy visitors as they enter into the lobby through the consular court. The work was commissioned by Art in Embassies, a US governmental body.
The Art Newspaper

Artist Rachel Whiteread’s name has become synonymous with the production of architectural interventions, invention and material playfulness through her large-scale artist sculptures, specifically her casts of the interiors of buildings. Her newest addition, installed in the US Embassy titled, US Embassy (Flat pack house; 2013-1015) in London is no exception.

The large-scale sculpture will be on display at the US Embassy in London and consists of a collection of concrete interior casts of a traditional American suburban home, interiors of a traditional mid-century suburban home from America. Each nuance, crack, crevice and plethora of formal elements are frozen in time within the casts and subsequently hung vertically on embassy walls.

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