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You Know You’re An Architecture Student When…

Your roommates say “good morning,” and you reply with “good night”

Coffee is your favorite drink, even at midnight

You are an expert at Photoshop, Illustrator and Rhinoceros, but don’t know how to use Microsoft Excel

You spend more time in the studio, than you do in your own bed

You only leave studio to buy supplies or eat

Your parents have more of a social life than you

You have to wait for coffee shops to open in the mornings

You tell time by when other people leave studio

Your roommate files a Missing Person report

Your bed has collected a layer of dust on it

You use words like “charrette”

You have your kitchen pantry inside your desk

You eat all three meals in studio

You think days are 48 hours long

You ask Santa Claus for a sleeping bag for Christmas

All the Christmas gifts you give are wrapped in trace paper

You start paying rent for your desk space in studio

You consider using broccoli for your models

You say, “It’s only midnight I have plenty of time left” 

You start wearing all black

You confuse sunrise with sunset

Your friends favorite brand names are UGG, NorthFace and Michael Kors.. But yours are Staedtler, Pentel and Macrons

A break is considered moving your car so you don’t get a ticket if you parked in the staff lot

You use architecture tools to eat

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