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ZhangJiang IC Harbor Phase I / Atelier Archmixing + Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects architecture

Main entrance. Image © Hao Chen

Connect the two green courtyards with three-story-height elevated space. Image © Hao Chen

Rest verandah. Image © Hao Chen

Aerial. Image © Hao Chen

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Text description provided by the architects. The project ZhangJiang IC Harbor Phase I China Fortune Wisdom Mark is jointly designed by Atelier Archmixing and Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects. The site is east to Dangui road, west to Middle Ring road.

The main planning strategy is to form a highly integrated semi-enclosed space structure with six seven-story R & D office buildings, based on the site shape and the surrounding environment, and create two courtyards of different sizes for two future user.

These two courtyards are connected with an elevated space of three-story-height, and expected to establish contact with the ZhangJiang IC Harbour Phase II in the north.

The main greenery facing the city park introduce nice view for each office.  By opening to the streets, it turns into a place for rest, relaxation and communication.

Each floor of the building is flexibly equipped with outward-facing hallway sunshades on the façade, which cleverly integrate the equipment platform, the rest verandah and the evacuation staircase and form a vivid elevation.

Through the careful control of the overall environment, architectural form and shading facade an office building with high surplus-value has achieved.