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10 Teen Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Will Love

You can decorate it, but you’re definitely not allowed inside of it.

Here’s one less thing for you guys to fight about — you’ll both love everything on this list.

Incorporate boho elements with a patterned rug, bright sheets and pillows, and rattan ottomans. It looks so cool that sharing a room seems way less lame.

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Guys aren’t usually into color, but you can keep things from looking too basic by adding in a patterned headboard, sheets, and pillows. Totally sweet, bro.

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Incorporate wallpaper, multicolored bedding, and a colorful rug for an eclectic room that’ll fit literally all of her many personalities.

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A minimalist bedroom that still has plenty of character.

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Patterned sheets, a leather ottoman, and a rattan rug give this room a cool, Southwestern vibe.

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Set up a sitting area in his room so your teen and his friends aren’t constantly taking over your living room.

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If her color palette is more neutral, add something bold and fun, like a neon sign.

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Here’s how you fit three teens in a room and have it actually seem fun.

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Cool, colorful, and a little bit crazy — just like her.

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Oh, she’s fancy, huh?

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